Thursday, September 4, 2008

Facebook and Etsy

A couple of years ago a little networking site was created for college students. It started as a school project and has grown into something remarkable. I am proud to say I was there when it started(well in a way). I'll explain:

Facebook was created to connect college students through classes and schools around the country. In its early stages it only incorporated a couple of schools and every so often another was added. At the time of it's creation I was attending The Ohio State University.

Everyone my age, was becoming obsessed with myspace and personal journal networks( later known as blogs). Then along came Facebook. It was a wonderful fad that spread through college students like wildfire. It was better put together than myspace and it was great for getting in touch with classmates and keep in touch with friends at other schools.

As Facebook's popularity gained so did its users. Eventually Facebook was opened up to high-schoolers and now anyone can join. This is where Etsy sellers have started to benefit.

Now users can create their own pages to showcase their shops or anything else they would like to showcase. I just recent jumped on board and created my own Facebook shop.

I hope that this will open my audience and create a new client base. This age range(20-30's) is actually who I wanted to focus on when I first started A. Nieman Crochet. I wanted to make crochet popular for a younger generation. As my tagline says: Sleek Contemporary Crochet.

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