Monday, March 12, 2007

To introduce myself

Hello everyone,

I am the owner and creator of ANiemancrochet: Sleek Contemporary Crochet. I have a shop on Etsy:
Please take a look!

I am senior at The Ohio State University Majoring in Textiles and Clothing focusing on Residential Design. I have apart time internship that doesn't pay much so I started crocheting for my work. This shop for me is a way to earn some extra cash for books, gas, tuition etc. I am the average poor college student and I hope the struggle is worth it!
I look forward to hopefully doing business with you and hope you enjoy my work. Please feel free to give me any comments good or bad because I am always looking for ways to improve. Also suggestion are more than welcome!

Here is my myspace!!!:

Have a Nice Day!


Cozy said...

I don't know about making a lot of money crocheting but I do know that having crafts in my life have at times kept me sane. I wish you great things for you, your etsy shop and your education.

marian said...

Very nice's hoping that it is All good for ALL of us..orangecrushed AKA Marian

PS. best wishes in your studies and your sales!

ShyViolet said...

I'm a student too, but not in anything art related. I hope you have the best of luck in selling!


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