Friday, March 23, 2007

No Internet


Unfortunately I have had no internet for the past week and they won't be out to fix it until next tuesday. I am so behind on all my updating here and especially on my etsy shop. I am udating right now from my work so I cannot spend to much more time.

I'm really upset about this right now. I planned for this week to be my catch up week with my shop after finals and now a week has passed with nothing done.

I encourage all people who have the ability to switch from time warner. I have had nothing but problems with them and they have a monopoly over my apartment complex. I would have switched to anyone else if I could. In three different apartments across this city I have ALWAYS had a problem.

Well, I'm done with this company. The next time I move I am finding a place where I don't have to deal with that company! Thank god I only have to deal with them till August!!!

I hope everyone is having a better week then I am. This spring break has sucked!

Have a nice day!

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